About Us

What we do

The Family Group aims are simple:

  • to allow people to get to know each other,
  • to support each other in joy and sorrow,
  • to accept and love each other, and
  • to seek and find Christ in others.

Each family group tries, in its own way, to realise the basic ideals of Christian living, to be A Family for All.

A Family Group meets together each month, to share a simple low-cost social activity and spend time together. It might be in someone’s home or the local park. In this way they get to know and support each other.

Who we are

We are people who grow together, just like an extended family. A family group consists of 10–15 households, of all sizes and ages; married, single, divorced, separated, re-married, younger, older, church-going or not. A Family for All.

They aim to make their Christian beliefs visible in their daily life with other people, simply by meeting together and accepting each other as ‘companions on the journey’.

They do not understand themselves as discussion or prayer groups—although attending Mass, and joining in the spiritual life of the parish and other parish activities, are all part of normal Family Group activity.

Nor do they understand themselves simply as groups that get together and have fun, even though they meet each month to enjoy a simple social activity. Social activities allow people in a group to get to know each other better, and offer support when it is needed.

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